About us

The Water Management Consortium covers an area of 120,106 hectares. Click here for map of the area.

The Consortium’s headquarters is based at the LMDB offices in Manby but area offices have been retained in Newark (TVIDB) and Epworth (IOANNWLMB) where a Rating/Land Officer and Works Supervisor are based.

Consortium working enables the Board to share employees and resources, e.g. only one Chief Executive and one Engineer are employed for the three Boards. It also allows the Board to have dedicated specialist staff on hand such as an Environmental Officer, Health and Safety Advisor etc as well as sharing plant and equipment such as mobile pumps. As the individual operational teams are relatively small, being part of the Consortium means that staff can be deployed to provide additional cover where needed.

Each Board is represented by two members on the Consortium Committee which meets formally at least twice a year. This gives an opportunity for the Boards to exchange information and to discuss concerns, the way forward and to work through the impact of new legislation etc. Although the three Board’s areas are quite different, many of the problems faced are similar and the Consortium Committee gives an opportunity for these to be addressed and to share knowledge and information.