Internal Drainage Boards

Internal Drainage Boards (IDBs) are an integral part of managing flood risk and land drainage within areas of special drainage need in England and Wales and undertake works to manage water levels and reduce flood risk to people and property. The work of IDBs includes the maintenance of watercourses and pumping stations, facilitating drainage for new development and advising on planning applications. For more information about IDBs, please visit the Association of Drainage Authorities website

The Water Management Consortium

The Water Management Consortium has dedicated officers available to discuss and advise on issues relating to drainage and water level management within its areas. Please visit the individual websites for more information.

There are networks of watercourses across the Consortium’s area and these have to be monitored to ensure that they are operating efficiently and providing the correct levels of protection and land drainage. The individual Board’s within the Consortium provide operational cover by having a Duty Officer and Works Supervisor or Foreman on call who can immediately respond to issues as they arise. In addition, when a serious flood event occurs the Control Room is manned 24 hours a day at the Consortium’s headquarters. This allows us to oversee and coordinate response to incidents and commitment of resources to other Boards or external agencies.

The overall picture across the affected areas of the Consortium can be viewed from the Control Room and the telemetry can also be monitored centrally; resources can then be deployed to best effect across the Consortium.